2 Powerful Features Every Web Design Needs

Don't get trapped by overthinking all the little things for your small business web design.  Too often, folks try to cram so much information on the front page of their site, that they forget to do the 2 most powerful yet straightforward things necessary to get...

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Home Puzzle Missing Piece

What is Sitemap XML?

Sitemap XML is a map of your website that tells search engines where your pages are on your site, and how recently they've been modified. You need one on your site ASAP!

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Is a CDN Worth It?

If you've been working on your website lately, you've likely heard the term "CDN" and how it can help your site. So, what is a CDN, and is a CDN worth it? What is a CDN? Well, in short, a CDN (content delivery network) makes your website faster. Yep, that’s a...

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Is a CDN worth it?