October 9, 2020

YouTube isn’t only for vloggers like Casey Neistat, or daily shows like Good Mythical Morning. YouTube should be a tool you put to use for your visitors and clients! So let’s talk about one of it’s best features: how to make YouTube videos private.

When we’re asked to help clients make their videos private, what they really mean is unlisted. A private YouTube can only be viewed by 50 people who have a direct invitation.  An unlisted video, on the other hand, means that people can view your video, but it won’t show up for anyone on YouTube in any searches (or in Google), and can only be accessed by a direct web link (or an embedded video on your site).

For any small business website that needs a to improve their web design by putting video on their home page, but doesn’t want it to appear in YouTube’s search or recommended video feed, watch our video below or follow the following directions to make your YouTube videos private (unlisted).


How to Make YouTube Videos Private

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by Jonathan Watson

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