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Website development is a collaborative process that requires an exceptional level of communication and cooperation among developer, designer and client.

The development process is by nature, organic.
Concepts develop, mature and change in ways and areas that are impossible to predict.

Enthusiast Website Solutions is uniquely positioned
to take advantage of the ever changing web landscape to deliver complete solutions that cut across mere technology and deliver the best in usability, future scalability and ease of use.

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What We've Done... Well, a Few Highlights

A Website Solution is a significant project. It requires strategic, creative, technical, and logistical resources to align and work together toward a common goal. We have a diverse set of quality clients, all with a unique set of goals.

Below is a select group of our clients that we thought would be helpful as you consider your own possibilities.

Plastic Surgery Studios
New Design for the first of 5 portals to be built on our new CMS. Includes custom content areas for Articles, Procedure Pages, Doctors info and Galleries. Does a great job of capturing and reporting on Leads and SEO.
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MAP Consulting
New Design, upgraded Success Stories and Case Studies Articles along with improved functionality for Events and Event Registration using E-Commerce.
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Pierre Sprinkler & Landscape
Joomla Conversion, includes New Design, Modifiable Home Page Animation Imagery, Featured Case Studies, Case Study Image Galleries and a Project Gallery that is much easier to use for their Marketing staff.
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Sully-Miller Contracting Co.
New Website with 5 unique Designs for 5 Divsions using our CMS to update conent and Meta Tags for SEO.
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Cragar Wheels
New website including Design for this new classic Wheel brand. Includes our CMS for updatng Product Pages, News, Image Galleries and Dealer Locator.
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Discover Testing
New Design for E-Commerce website including full control over Product Pages, Shopping Cart, Related Products, Coupons and Shipping Rules using our CMS along with our new SEO tools for better optimization of their highly competitive searches.
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American Film Institute
New Design, integrated CMS, and automatic archiving per issue for the new classic American Film Magazine.
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Nexen Tire USA
New Design, improved functionality for Product Pages, Dealer Locator and Tire Finder. Also includes easy to update News and Warranty information.
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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Enthusiast Website Solutions has created a great process to understand SEO and how it relates to your websites content. Enthusiast also has great tools built in to each website that help even your non-technical writers or expert SEO staff control all of the meta-data on the website.

Here is how each breaks down:

Research: Audience DNA Report

You'll receive an informative comprehensive report listing and analyzing the key words and phrases that are being used by your target audience. This will include search volume as well as the competition for those terms. It will also include a list of key words or phrases we recommend using within your site. Using these terms will allow you to increase web traffic and capture new business. Ultimately, this report answers the question, "How are people searching for you?" so that we can include that language when your site is built. This will also increase your search engine ranking, your traffic, and eventually your revenue.

CMS: Search Engine Optimization Tools

Once we know who and what keywords we are targeting, we can use Enthusiast's Hosted CMS SEO tools, integrated into each page of the website including control over:

  • Meta Title

  • Meta Keywords

  • Meta Description

  • URL Suffix (economyofficesupply.com/news/title)

How do I get started anyway?

We start the process by asking a few general questions about your goals and time frame to make sure you get the priority you need.

Please call us at (626) 790-6280 or drop us a note through this website.

Someone from the Enthusiast team that doesn't talk in geek-speak will be in touch with you right away.

Case Study

Highland Property Development

Read here how Enthusiast created a cost-effective way to build as many websites as needed.
(32 and counting) on the fly!


Enthusiast Launches New SEO Services for Small Business

This new program takes our old Audience DNA Report to a new level with expanded research and service offerings.

Site Director

Anatomy of a Website

The best websites are planned to succeed. Our team of experts can help you with that plan. From the right website design, development and content (writing, photos, videos) all optimized for the search engines, Enthusiast is here to help.