Weekly Website Report

Custom monthly hosting for Enthusiast CMS.

From: $5.99 / month

We want you to get helpful info about your website without overwhelming you with data. So at the end of every week (on Sunday) we’ll send you a report with important information about how your website is performing. Click here to download an example of the report. Here’s what’s included:

Uptime Monitor
We monitor your site every few minutes to make sure it’s available for your users, and we’ll let you know how your site fared in the last month.

We’ll let you know how many user sessions and pageviews your site had each day, as well as your top referrers, pages and countries.

Link Monitor
We’ll scan your site for any broken links (either on your site, or linking to other sites), and can send you a broken link list anytime (limit 10,000 links scanned).

Security Monitor
Your site will be monitored for any security issues with any of your plugins and themes, giving you the right info to make sure any vulnerabilities are addressed.

Performance Monitor
Using Google’s Pagespeed and the open source YSlow system, you’ll see how well your site is responding for your users.