May 31, 2020

The Past is Made Present

Chances are you’ve heard of Johannes Gutenberg–-the German inventor and printer from the 1400s that invented the first printing press with movable type, bringing books into mass production for the first time in human history, and changing the trajectory of civilization.

WordPress Takes a Big Step Forward

That’s why, then, in 2018 WordPress decided to use that name to christen their first drag-and-drop web page editor with that name (in WordPress Version 5)–-because, well, content on your page could be moved (probably not because they’re changing civilization for good… :). Gutenberg is WordPress’s first page editor that allows you to edit blocks of areas on a page, rather than one large text area for the page, giving you much more flexibility and customization than was available in previous versions.

However, there are already other drag-and-drop editors available to WordPress websites–and are, in fact, rather more powerful than Gutenberg (our favorite is WP Bakery’s Page Builder and Elegant Theme’s Divi). These editors have years of development and integration behind them, making them more than capable as a drag-and-drop interface.

While most folks who run WordPress sites were surprised by the radical changes Gutenberg brought to the system, we’re confident it will only get better, and one day will likely be the de-facto editor used by WordPress aficionados.

by Jonathan Watson

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