Majestic 4 Missions

Majestic 4 Missions is a global outreach that equips pastors and leaders--and their website needed to reflect that global reach! We designed a beautiful site that gives M4M the control without giving up accessibility or beauty!

Website homepage of Majestic 4 Missions showcasing colorful architecture and the mission statement about teaching kingdom principles. Multiple webpage layouts highlighting different sections of the website.

Site Features

  • Collaborative aesthetic design
  • Coded to look great on every device
  • Multiple custom form integration
  • Fast, reliable, and affordable hosting

Visit Majestic 4 Missions

Take a look at the live site to see it in action!


Screenshot of a webpage for Majestic 4 Missions, featuring text: "The Majestic Revolution - Teaching kingdom principles," with a "Donate Today" button, and a background image of a colorful building.

Here’s what it looked like the day it went live!

Screenshot of a nonprofit organization's website showcasing their mission, pillars, service areas, methods of service, donation information, and social media links, with photos of community activities and events.
Screenshot of the Majestic 4 Missions "About Us" webpage, featuring text and several images of people engaging in community activities. The page outlines the organization's mission, values, and volunteer efforts.
Screenshot of a webpage detailing a mission in Tecuala, Nayarit, Mexico, with information about the mission's objectives, location details, and personal stories. Includes images of group activities and participants.