Perfect NAP SEO – Name, Address, and Phone

October 29, 2020

Start with Your Name, Address, and Phone

Addressing your SEO can be overwhelming.  When you read articles about sitemap XML or how to minify javascript, it’s easy to get lost in the jargon and techno-babble. But there’s one place to start that won’t break your brain: your NAP SEO.

NAP is just an acronymn that stands for Name/Address/Phone!  That’s it… that’s the most difficult thing to understand here :).

So, one the first step you should make when working on your SEO is to make sure your NAP is consistent across all platforms. If your NAP isn’t uniform across public location platforms like Google, Facebook, or your website (to mention just a few)–your SEO could be in a world of hurt!

Why is NAP consistency Important?

NAP is important because it’s an important ranking factor for search engines. Your business needs good quality local citations with the right data. If any of these places don’t have the right data, both the confidence of search engines in ranking your site drops, as does consumer confidence!

No matter where a person finds your business, your NAP should be identical–for their sake, and for your sake!

Make Your NAP Uniform

Seems simple enough, right? Well it is! While it may be a bit tedious to login in to all of your accounts and make sure these three sections are all spelled and look the same it will all pay off in the grand scheme of SEO. Be careful though! The Name, Address, and Phone MUST look exactly the same with no variations in either abbreviation or capitalization.

A very common mishap is to have one address read as “West Riverdale Ave” while another says “W. Riverdale Ave.” This may seem extremely minor considering that the same information is technically there, but SEO will not see it that way and will consider these are different variations of the same address!

NAP Platforms to Check

This list of platforms (and by no means comprehensive) will get you started in making sure your NAP is consistent.

Platforms to Check

If you want a more detailed list of platforms and they data they have on you, head over to the MOZ Local Listing tool to give you a nice quick overview!

NAP Plays an Important Role

If you haven’t checked your NAP in a long time, don’t hesitate in checking now!  It’s a simple task and doesn’t require any technical know-how; fixing your NAP will benefit you right away!

If you want more details on how you can improve your SEO, get our custom Site Score Report to learn about all the things you can do to improve your site ASAP!

With all this in mind, even though this can be an easy fix to go through and make, perhaps you don’t quite recall all the platforms your business’ information is displayed on? If that’s the case we’ve got your back! By using online sources like Moz that provides free tools to help you search and view your business’ online presence!

by Jonathan Watson

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